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Selling A Mortgage Note For Cash

Choosing to sell your mortgage note involves a series of steps that generally take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Step 1:
Establish Market Value. — We recommend that every person considering the sale of their mortgage note first establish its market value. This can be accomplished by contacting a number of professional companies like The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. that purchase privately held mortgage notes. Take the time to ask questions and discuss your individual situation. Provide all of the information they need to do a thorough job for you and be sure to request all purchase offers in writing.
Step 2:
Contact The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. — More often than not, the purchase price you receive from our company will meet or exceed any and all other offers. So contact us at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.
Step 3:
Request A Financial Analysis. — In addition to providing you with a purchase proposal, The Mortgage Buyer can also present an analysis of the financial benefits that could be achieved by selling your mortgage note and reinvesting the cash sale proceeds in another investment. If you would like to receive a customized financial analysis contact us at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.
Step 4:
Make Your Decision. — You have contacted a number of companies, invested the time to learn what your options are, received multiple purchase offers and are now ready to make your decision. If you decide to sell the mortgage note, you will have a choice of companies to do business with. We believe this important decision should be based on two primary factors:
  • Price. Your ultimate goal in this transaction should be to receive the highest purchase price for your mortgage note.
  • Service. Having confidence in the company you choose and believing they will treat you honestly and fairly is extremely important.
Step 5:
Complete The Sale. — The Mortgage Buyer will prepare a Purchase & Sale Agreement that confirms our purchase price in writing. When both parties have signed the agreement we will immediately order the title and appraisal work necessary to complete the transaction. Shortly after this information has been received and reviewed we will schedule the closing where you will have the option of receiving a certified check or having the purchase proceeds wired directly to your account. It's that simple!
Step 6:
Take The First Step. — We invite you to contact The Mortgage Buyer anytime you would like to discuss selling your mortgage note. There is no cost or obligation and all conversations are held in strict confidence. Why not take the first step today? Call (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.

My grandfather had recently passed and my Grandmother needed the cash up front and didn't want the burden of holding a mortgage. The price we received was much higher than other companies. They personally helped every step of the way and made it easy for me and my Grandmother. Settlement was a breeze as well. Thanks for all of the help and a quick turnaround!

T. Nusspickel, Garnet Valley, PA